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Ms.India & Mr.India Contest 2013 held on 19/10/2013 at SIRIFORT
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Process of Contest for ' Ms. India & Mr. India’s Contest'


Ms. India & Mr. India contest is a fantastic opportunity for hidden talents across India to participate and live their dream of winning a beauty pageant.

Whether the contestant is a part of the fashion industry, an engineer, a doctor, a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, an aspiring actor, an aspiring model, a Home Maker or maybe just a student, anyone can aspire to become the 1st but if a person thinks that he/she has the talent and the confidence to leave a mark on the big stage then " Ms. India and Mr. India 2013" is the platform for such a person to showcase his/her talents.

The most fascinating feature of this contest is that anyone living in any corner of the country can participate online in the screening stages from the comforts of their home. Generally, for the screening stages of other contests, participants need to be physically present at the venue. This means taking precious time out of one’s schedule and also results in substantial amounts of money spent in travelling, boarding, lodging etc. without knowing whether this investment of time and money will ensure selection for the final stages. In ‘ Ms. India and Mr. India 2013’ contestants don’t need to spend their time and money in pre-qualification screening stages. After qualification to final rounds, will take care of travel, lodging and boarding expenses of shortlisted candidates.

Another fascinating feature of this contest is that a person’s marital status is not a factor in the screening process. Since we are celebrating the new Indian, thus, we are looking for young people who can truly represent the modern India. We believe that marital status should not be a stumbling block for a person who believes that he/she has the talent and the confidence to represent the new, resurgent India.

Also, this is probably the only beauty pageant where the age group for participation is 18-35 years. Hence, we are giving an opportunity to deserving people who might’ve otherwise thought that their time to fulfill their desire is gone. We strongly believe that equal opportunity must be given to all deserving candidates who believe that they can truly represent the new India.

This contest will give maximum exposure to the contestants due to the extensive marketing and publicity blitz that is undertaking to promote this contest in social, print and electronic media. is likely to appoint exclusive print and electronic media partners soon. We will also get celebrities to be a part of the jury panel which will excite the public and with the glamour quotient attached with any beauty pageant, this contest will generate a lot of interest in India.

ATD Group will promote this mega event through its online shopping portal which is one of the largest online shopping portals in India. The event will also be promoted through campaigns in social, print and electronic media.

The registration for this event will start from 21st be held on 19th May 2013 and the final mega-event will October 2013 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

Process for short-listing the candidates:

» Eligible Age group will be 18-35 years.

» Contest will be done in six stages of competition with the final stage being the mega event which will be held live on stage.

» For registration, everyone who have purchased any product in a single purchase on is automatically qualified to register. They only need to provide the Order Reference Number of the purchase. Please note that the name and email address given at the time of registration should be the same as given in the Order Reference Number of the purchase.

» For others, they need to make purchases any product on

» Another requirement for registration is that the contestant needs to ‘Like’ the Facebook page.

» At the time of registration, contestants need to upload their snapshots in different postures on the website.

» In the 1st stage after registration, contestants will participate in an objective IQ test.

» The 2nd world like the Fashion Industry, Bollywood, Hollywood etc.

» The 3rd stage will consist of an objective questionnaire with questions related to Logical Deduction, Reasoning and also General Knowledge.

» These 3 stages will consist of 30 questions each for which contestants will be given 15 minutes time to provide answers. We have developed a software by which all the answers will automatically get filtered as a right or wrong answer. Contestants who achieve >= 90% will be eligible to participate in the 4th stage of the screening process.

» In the 4th stage, the qualified contestants from the first three stages will be asked to submit a video of themselves on where they will be required to speak about themselves for 2 to 5 minutes. The selection team will shortlist 50 candidates for Ms. India title and 50 candidates for Mr. India title. The videos of these 100 candidates will be forwarded to the jury members who will further shortlist 25 candidates for Ms. India title and 25 candidates for Mr. India title from these 100 candidates. The videos of the 50 shortlisted candidates will be put up on for voting by the public for Ms. Popular and Mr. Popular sub-titles.

» One special TV episode (subject to availability of airtime and subject to our agreement with the Media partner) will be screened with these shortlisted 50 contestants where they will be introduced to the TV audience. This episode will showcase interaction with the contestants.

» These shortlisted 50 candidates will then move on to the penultimate 5th stage which will consist of a subjective questionnaire where 10 questions on different topics will be put to the contestants and they will be required to provide answers in 500 words. Each question will carry 50 points. One question will be on and management reserves the right to award points for this question. For the rest 9 questions, the jury will assess the answers and give points for each answer. At the end of this stage, 10 candidates for Ms. India title and 10 candidates for Mr. India title will be shortlisted based on the points that each candidate scores in this stage.

» The final 20 candidates shortlisted by the jury and will then be called for the mega event on 19th October 2013 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, where they will be required to participate in various activities like Group Discussion, Fashion Show, Dance Performance, Question-Answer session with the jury etc. Jury members will award points to the contestants for each activity. Winners in different categories will be adjudged by the jury. Finally, the big moment will arrive when Ms. India and Mr. India winners will be announced based on the points awarded to each contestant by the jury.

» The contest related travel, lodging and boarding expenses of the contestants will be borne by

Titles to be awarded on the Mega event night:

   » Ms. India 2013
   » Mr. India 2013

   » Ms. Popular 2013 Mr. Popular 2013
   » Ms. Beautiful Smile 2013 Mr. Beautiful Smile 2013
   » Ms. Beautiful Hair 2013 Mr. Beautiful Hair 2013
   » Ms. Beautiful Eyes 2013 Mr. Beautiful Eyes 2013
   » Ms. Talented 2013 Mr. Talented 2013
   » Ms. Ingenious 2013 Mr. Ingenious 2013

Role of jury members:
» The jury shall be responsible for short-listing and awarding points to candidates as per the process mentioned above.

» Decision of the jury shall be final and binding on all.

» All jury members are requested to be fair and neutral and shall have no pre-conceived bias related to class, caste, gender, region, religion, culture, language etc. in awarding points and selecting the deserving candidates.

Media Activity:
» ATD Group will promote the contest through Electronic, Print & Social media.
» Activities like press conferences, press releases etc. will be undertaken to promote the contest.
» There will be media partners for this contest in print, radio and TV media.

Note: Read the instructions carefully. We will not consider any profile that does not comply with the instructions. For any query related to this contest please email us at:



Terms & Conditions for participation in ' Ms. India and Mr. India 2013'

1. The participant must agree to abide by all the rules, as changed from time to time by the management.

2. The participant must ‘Like’ the Facebook page of before registering for the contest.

3. The participant must have purchased products any product (on single transaction) from, before registering for this contest. Even purchases made before the contest is announced will be valid if the contestant is able to provide the Order Reference Number.

4. In case the contestant later withdraws from the contest or the contest is postponed or cancelled for any reason, the contestant cannot claim the amount he/she has paid for the purchase as the same has been paid for the products purchased and delivered to him in normal process of the products purchased.

5. management reserves the right to make amendments to the mentioned Rules, Guidelines, Screening Process, Nature of the contest, Terms and Conditions of the Contest contained herein without prior notice.

6. Management reserves the right to postpone/ stop/ withdraw the Contest without giving prior notice in connection thereto and in its sole discretion.

7. Management also reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if it finds the contestant’s behavior unacceptable or for any other reason at any stage of the contest without giving any reason for the same.

8. The participant must be between 18 and 35 years of age at the time of registration for this contest. A valid age proof & Identity Proof should be provided by the participant at the 4th stage of the screening process of the contest.

9. The participant should not have any exclusive or other commercial contract(s) with any modeling/other agency at the time of registration or during the contest period which may have legal repercussions for

10. Any legal issues arising out of a contestant’s participation in the contest shall solely be the responsibility of the concerned participant. will not be responsible for any such issues.

11. Entry is open to all the citizens of India, except employees and immediate families of, associated companies and agencies. team can ask for further documentary proof related to citizenship if it is not satisfied with the documents submitted.

12. If a prize remains unclaimed 3 months after the date of final result, the relevant winner's entry will be deemed invalid.

13. Only one entry per person is allowed for this contest. No responsibility will be accepted for late, misdirected or ineligible entries.

14. Contestants will be disqualified immediately if they upload any obscene photos or videos on

15. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. In the event that, for any reason whatsoever, a winner does not take any part of the prize within the timeframes stipulated, then the winner will forfeit that part of the prize and cash will not be awarded in lieu. Where applicable, winners will be asked to sign a Deed of Acknowledgment, Release and Indemnity.

16. The decision of team and jury in relation to any aspect of the contest is final and binding on each person who registers for it. No correspondence will be entertained.

17. Winners will be notified by phone, mail and/or facebook. Winners’ details will also be posted at

18. All entries become the property of and their promotional partners. The entries may be entered into a database for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes. Promoter reserves the right to publish/upload photographs/videos of contestants and winners in future irrespective of any contract they enter with any agency/organization in future.

19. If for any reason this competition is deemed incapable of running as planned by factors including infection by computer virus, hacking, mobile phone failure, line drop-out, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the management that corrupts or affects the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, the management reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest. and ATD Group will seek strict action against people committing such acts and any contestant(s) found involved in such acts will be immediately disqualified.

20. The management shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered, including but not limited to direct or consequential loss, or personal injury suffered or sustained during the course of event trips or participation at any level of the contest.

21. Any change in value of the prize occurring between the publishing date and the date when the prize is claimed is not the responsibility of the management.

22. In case of any unanswered question during the screening process, the same will be treated as wrong answer. reserves the right to publish/upload any answer(s) given by the contestants.

24. is trying with its sponsors and other agencies to get a modeling assignment for the winners. The modeling assignment may consist of cash reward to be announced before the Mega Event on 19th Winners are bound to accept such assignments at the terms finalized by

25. Contestants and winners shall promote messages of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the ATD Group i.e. Save Electricity, Go Green and Save Water. 26. The winners will need to make 6 appearances in a year to participate in charitable and CSR activities of the ATD Group. Expenses for their travel, lodging and boarding for these activities will be borne by the ATD Group. No fees will be paid for such participation.

27. Winners will also be required to feature in promotional photo shoot, video shoot for No fees will be paid for such promotions but any expenses on travel, lodging and boarding of the winners will be borne by

28. reserves the right to uncrown the winner(s) anytime after the contest if it finds the winner not fulfilling its professional obligations to the sponsors or or if it finds the winner’s behavior as detrimental to the brand image of or contrary to the ethical values or CSR duties of the ATD Group.

29. In case of any dispute, the decision of management shall be final and binding on all.

30. Any legal issues or disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi court. October. However no commitments are made.